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Among survey respondents, 81 percent of men and 53 percent of women are sampling some kind of sex-related activity online, whether participating in adult chatrooms, posting to a sex newsgroup or interacting with someone on a live Webcam.

Porn is also popular -- 41 percent of women and 75 percent of men who responded have intentionally viewed or downloaded erotic films or photos.

Who took the survey: 15,246 people, 25 percent women and 75 percent men, responded at either or over a two-week period in February 2004. Among the respondents, 55 percent are married; 92 percent straight; 60 percent college or post-grad educated.

This survey should not be considered a scientific, random representative sample.

Plenty of Fish had the greatest number of total visits per month at over 60 million.

All of these active users partaking in online dating websites can lead to some pretty interesting dates and good stories: Amy’s worst date cost her 14.37 for a swanky dinner, replete with multiple bottles of good wine, when he dodged the bill by sneaking out, saying he was “going to the bathroom”.

That is roughly 10 percent of the adult population of North America.However, if you are truly seeking compatible companionship through an online dating forum, then please, read on.The algorithm you personally need to use to find love is not built into the system the website will offer you; you need to put in the time and effort to essentially write your own framework for what love looks like to you.The sites are also impacting their sex life -- 73 percent of women who've gone on real dates with cybermates have slept with one or more of them.E-booked Nearly half of the women and 36 percent of men who have logged onto personals sites said their real-world social lives have been jolted by their virtual networking, with women reporting more dates and men reporting more sex.In addition, 30 percent of women and 30 percent of men feel hurt or betrayed by their partner's online activities.

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