Who is dating joseph gordon levitt


He was only on the series for two episodes, but clearly the kid was going places.

Gordon-Levitt made the leap to the big screen in 1992, when he had a bit part in "Beethoven" and a more substantial role in "A River Runs Through It." Directed by Robert Redford, the actor played a younger version of Craig Sheffer's Norman. While he was building his film career, Gordon-Levitt was also pulling in laughs as D.

It seemed barely a month would go by without one of the actor's projects playing in theaters.

There was his standout turn as John Blake in "The Dark Knight Rises," which many fans hoped was a hint that Gordon-Levitt was actually the Robin to Bruce Wayne's Batman.

Some actors crash and tumble into adult celebrity, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt took the quiet route.

Gordon-Levitt's been acting since he was about six, but it wasn't until his mid-20s that his incredible work ethic grew into bona fide "star" status.

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Let's retrace the steps Gordon-Levitt took to arrive here. At the tender age of 7, JGL picked up a role on the classic NBC sitcom, "Family Ties," as Dougie.

It's no secret Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanal are close pals -- remember their adorable homemade singing video? It’s fun just to have conversations, watch movies with her and stuff like that.

While some fans would love nothing more than to see these "(500) Days of Summer" co-stars get together in real life, the "Dark Knight Rises" actor told It’s awkward when people say that. We guess we shouldn't be so surprised, considering Deschanel -- who split from husband Ben Gibbard last fall -- has recently been spotted kissing new boyfriend Jamie Linden.

Critics were in love with the young star's performance, as The Wall Street Journal's Joe Morgenstern said in a review: "We saw what (he) could do in such diverse films as 'Mysterious Skin' and 'Brick,' and in the TV sitcom '3rd Rock From the Sun.' But this performance is something else.

It's unforgettable."After starring in a series of dramas, Gordon-Levitt turned to (comparatively) lighter fare with "(500) Days of Summer." Part comedy, part love story, part musical, part drama, the 2009 film was twee and at times over-the-top, but also irresistible.

Although it's the role that helped establish him with TV audiences, Levitt opted to leave the show ahead of its final season in 2001.

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