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"I remember my first conversation with my dad," she says. And to this day, even when I get out of a town car and there's paparazzi, my knees are locked together!"He asked me if I wanted to order a Shirley Temple, and then he told me to cross my legs because I was sitting in a chair wearing a skirt and a big sweatshirt. " She grew up in Maine, moving to New York when she was 12. I lived with my grandparents for a while, and my mom, and my aunt, and I had varied experiences from all these different people.The latest of those is "The Ledge," opening Friday, in which she plays Shauna, a fearful, confl icted woman whose intensely evangelical husband (Patrick Wilson) takes it upon himself to save a nonbelieving neighbor (Charlie Hunnam) who also happens to be Shauna's lover.Their confl ict leads to the ledge of a building in a test of faith. "Making the movie, I became much more just interested in observing without judgment," says Tyler."I'm a curious person and have a diverse background — half my family is Republican, half is Democrat, my mom went to Catholic boarding school.

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"I've grown up tremendously in the time I've been a mom, It's taught me more about being in the present and not trying to do things perfectly all the time.

Lucky for you, we’re here to transport you back to the rock ‘n’ roll scene where the term groupie first became a thing!

Those ecstatic fans who followed bands all over the country, and maybe even world, certainly made their own mark in history.

I feel like I understood that for the first time." Her background is so famously diverse it could be a movie itself.

Tyler's mother, Bebe Buell, was a musician and model ubiquitous in the '70s rock scene.

When Tyler was young, she believed rocker Todd Rundgren, whom her mother was dating, was her dad.

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