When online dating first became available


Her unique matchmaking system combines the granular metrics of what the person wants in a date (their preferred height, age, income, etc.as well as their deal-breakers) and Amy’s natural talent and intuition for knowing when two people belong together.From Google to Apple to Lyft to Github, Silicon Valley is known for its juggernaut tech companies and innovative start-ups, so much so that there’s even a popular TV show named after it. Founded by Amy in 2003, Linx, for short, is a curated matchmaking service for those busy, high-profile single professionals in Silicon Valley and the surrounding Bay Area (as well as all over the world) who haven’t been able to find the relationship they want.Silicon Valley is also known for the passionate, hardworking, creative, and dedicated people who work at these businesses — all of which lends well to a successful career but not necessarily a successful dating life. Today, the company is known as “Silicon Valley’s Matchmaker” and Amy its “Cupid.” Amy recently told us about the “aha moment” that started it all, her client-to-client vetting process, the algorithm-less, intuition-based matchmaking, and the personal relationships she builds with the people she helps.Whether someone isn’t 100% over their ex or are in a difficult phase of their life, her instinct can tell if the timing is off.“The meet-and-greet is an important session for myself but more so for that prospect to get a good read of what Linx is all about,” she said.

Amy receives dozens of referrals every day and screens each candidate herself.“I find there can be cross-pollination with my clients where they’ve somehow have met.I want to avoid a situation where they’ve already met or they’ve glanced at each other’s online profiles and there was a reason they chose to forego that opportunity,” she said.Once Amy has her ideal pairing, she’ll email both people a “baby bio” of each other, giving them a snapshot of the other’s personality, hobbies, appearance, and getting them excited about how great they’d be together.“I want my clients on the edge of their seats, jaws to the ground, like ‘OMG this person sounds phenomenal,'” she said.“Starting Linx has been one of the best decisions of my life,” she said.

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