Updating vob nav packs


[Enhancement] LXF: (VRDPro) support for LXF output with HD captions and PCM audio.

[Fix] x264 encoder: (VRDPro) option to force enabling the HRD parameters wasn't working.

TVSuite V5 - (Released 2017-12-16) ============================================= [Fix] DVD/MPEG encoding: Fixed dual pass DVD encoding which broke in 760a.

TVSuite V5 - (Released 2017-12-08) ============================================= [Fix] DVD/MPEG encoding: Revert to build 748 MPEG2 encoder for software encoding due to speed and bit rate compliance of ffmpeg.

It doesn't start with Nav-pack." A little experiementation would seem to indicate the problem is probably because I stripped the unwanted audio and subitles from the DVD. This allows me to open the files in the MPEG Tools section of TMPGE where I can De-Multiplex out the M2v and Ac3 streams.

[Enhancement] ES Muxing: Add option in the ES muxing dialog for the video frame rate when the frame rate isn't in the video stream.

[Fix] GUI: Custom buttons, reset to default did not work on all 6 controls, only the 1st one.

[Fix] GUI: Find tune slider is assuming right button is pressed instead of left button.

[Fix] TS Muxing: H.264 output, fixed TS muxer to re-set the buffer timings on each GOP in case profile / HRD params change.

[Fix] Titling: Titles audio incorrect frame duration when changing audio sampling rate of the source file.

[Fix] TS Files: Not detecting audio streams when coded as private PES-1 PMT descriptor, due to VRD ITV hack from 2009.

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