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Prior to this release, the section headers in Subversion's authz access files—which contain repository names and repository filesystem paths—accepted section headers that would never be looked up, because the repository filesystem path (such as ) embedded in the section header is formatted differently from how Subversion formats those paths when it looks them up in the file.Subversion 1.7 and earlier would silently ignore those sections of the authz file; directives in those sections would never apply.Clients using neon will also work fine with this configuration.The svn 1.8 client with serf defaults to skelta mode for update operations (checkout, update, merge and export) instead of the bulk update mode used by previous versions.

Instead, we will concentrate our efforts on improving FSFS with new features, robustness and performance and architectural enhancements.

Apache Subversion 1.8 is a superset of all previous Subversion releases, and is as of the time of its release considered the current "best" release.

Any feature or bugfix in 1.0.x through 1.7.x is also in 1.8, but 1.8 contains features and bugfixes not present in any earlier release.

Please consult the API errata for more detailed information on what these APIs are and what impact these changes may have.

Subversion 1.8 introduces changes to the working copy format.

It also allows a more detailed audit of clients accessing resources in a Subversion repository.

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