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If you choose to turn on Active X Filtering, you can turn Active X Controls back on for a single website by clicking the Active X Filtering icon in the address bar.When you turn off Active X Filtering on a website, Internet Explorer stores the address of the website on which you have chosen to turn off Active X Filtering.Start with a single sheet of A4 paper (see example below) ; Write it in your own words and make it fit your company's needs.Divide it up into sections: On one side, in simple terms, write down your overall health and safety objectives (see below); Next outline responsibilities (from director level down to the newest recruit); Then outline the arrangements you have in place for achieving a safe and healthy working environment (for example, carrying out risk assessments; providing necessary training and 9information; monitoring health and safety performance; accident/incident reporting; first aid; general fire safety; obtaining professional advice; and so on).For example, some Active X Controls can play audio, video, or show images on a webpage.These controls may have an impact on the performance, security, and reliability of Internet Explorer.

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This is a preliminary disclosure that focuses on features that communicate with the Internet and isn't intended to be an exhaustive list.This is important to help communicates management's values, beliefs and commitment to health and safety and establish the importance of health and safety in relation to other business objectives so staff can see the contribution the plan can have to ensuring overall business success .You need to set aside time to explain your plan to you staff explaining the contribution of managers and every member of the team to its successful development and the formulation and implementation of procedures.For more information about logs and the use of the Windows Event Viewer, search Windows Help for "Event Viewer".The Auto Complete feature in Internet Explorer lets you more quickly fill out web forms and go to websites you have visited in the past.You must also record the results of your risk assessments.

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