Updating a column in sql


If any or all columns 2, 3 or 4 have been changed, create an audit record.

The bitmask is: power(2,(2-1)) power(2,(3-1)) power(2,(4-1)) = 14.

Then on the right of them in an independent column put the commas as designed Then you will have to copy your values into the middle column each time then just paste then and run I do not know an easier solution update T1 set T1.

TOT_COST 2.000 from DBRMAST T1 inner join DBRMAST t2 on t2. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

Returns a varbinary bit pattern that indicates the columns in a table or view that were inserted or updated.

The CTE result set is derived from a simple query and is referenced by UPDATE statement.

Common table expressions can also be used with the SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, and CREATE VIEW statements.

For more information, see WITH common_table_expression (Transact-SQL). For information about table hints, see Table Hints (Transact-SQL).

COLUMNS_UPDATED returns multiple bytes if the table on which the trigger is created contains more than eight columns, with the least significant byte being the leftmost.

COLUMNS_UPDATED returns TRUE for all columns in INSERT actions because the columns have either explicit values or implicit (NULL) values inserted.

To test for updates or inserts to specific columns, follow the syntax with a bitwise operator and an integer bitmask of the columns being tested.

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