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Trained engineer in Civil engineeringt environmental has recycling hasardous waste and Biology and Chemistry through my Associates. 1982 Air America plane steward Quit becuase I was 13 didn't think I was Good enough. May 7th 1982 visited the USS Yorktown had recieved command of it has an honor from an old man there with my friend Ben a espanic kid. 1987 US Army trained and recieved first salute has 2nd LT. 1991 trained with Greenville County Sheriffs Office who my mother is a award winning deputy crossing guard Bryson Middle School in 1982. And Commanded Malstrom and was a secondary Chief Security placed in charge by Tsgt Babinez and Lt Col Turner of the primary Command Post and Controller of alternate and commander and truck driver of mobile.

Trained with Justice Dept Support devision Forensics. 1993 to 1995 Commander A1C William A Gibson USAF for destruction of two minute man II's has reporting officer 1994. Civil Enginneers Environmental CES/CEV Supervisor of Unit with Capt Seaman, LT. And a military Licensed truck driver and forklift operator.

Left too transfer too Canaveral Chapter Florida under President Hidie Hughes Command.

Traitor I protected Israel since 1993, for the US I am a Mercenary and care for Israel and risked my life to send her information on her area.

A regret My first chance on my own too handle a murder case was Japanese woman name unknown now and it would be dishonorable too mention when I was a ID forensics Intern in training for a Forensics certificate at Winthrop College in 1991 for the CIA, and then CIA were going too send too medical school, Doctor William Allen Gibson, Dropout, But was also asked too return too CIA if I could bring my grades up, and then joined the Air Force has enlisted Command and Control, I failed at it, becuase the people we're too scared, not by honor becuase they didn't trust me to get involved, and not becuase I had friends in Japanses community or family by adoption becuase I did and I am the one adopted.

If you want too know more if you can find the invesitgating officer from Air Intelligence Capt Kyle, Command and Control officer Chief of Security, my base investigator will my career in Command and Control was being ruined for a security violation and I was exonerated ,for cause, and only got a letter of reprimand ask what I "Dinner Out" but it was in a Barbeque joint in Great Falls Montana where I was stationed.

I live in the USA I`m a retired Air Force Command and Control for Space Command Outstanding Security and Communications Chief (Special Operations), Reports and Analysis, Contol Agent and Ex-Narcotics Agent of AFOSI I am royality born and bread I am a King of Ireland, England and France and Emperor of Prussia and Germany and Transylvania has a Dragon primarily Lord of Durie Scotland.

Also only did get inside with male genitialia but with eight.Presently(2006) a mecenary with AFCEA and Global Gurillas.since 2006 has AFOSI Command and Control Piedmont Chapter Shaw AFB South Carolina. Brenda Thompson at AFCEA and my own command Global Gurilla's.I am Callsign Grimlin and Cutthroat Control USAF and AFCEA Mercenary Badge number 55108007.Global Gurilla Mercenary William A Gibson and IDF codename Jacob for my level at International Fellowship of Christians and Jews and also a family name Jacobi.Has a Scientists I am attached too FAS Federation of American Scientists by membership has a senior member in Nuclear weapons and air and Space technology clearance wise, clearance is Top Secret.

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