Speed dating derby


With arms aflutter, he dances a beautiful but mad ballet.

He chases the woman with the buttons on her bottom through the factory to the outdoors.

In Modern Times (1936), the still-silent Tramp, with his familiar small Derby hat, mustache, large boots, baggy pants, tight jacket and cane makes his last screen appearance.

In an upper executive office level of a steelworks factory, the Electro Steel Corp., a "Big Brother" manager/President (Allan Garcia) works on a boring puzzle, reads the comics in the newspaper, and is served by his secretary.The key to successful nut-tightening is to perform his movements and tasks with clock-like tempo and precision.[This scene illustrates the American factory's obsession with time and automation.] From his work station on the assembly-line, he holds wrenches in both hands to tighten nuts on a long stream of steel plates carried on the conveyor belt production line.Under the superimposed credits, a clock face approaches 6 o'clock.The foreword explains the film's theme: "'Modern Times.' A story of industry, of individual enterprise - humanity crusading in the pursuit of happiness." The film opens with an overhead shot of a flock of sheep jostling in their sheep pen, and rushing through a chute.There, he eagerly pursues a large-breasted woman with two buttons on her front.

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