Self consolidating concrete formwork pressure


If necessary 13 mm (½ inch) plastic tubing can be placed at extremely high points, to ensure that the air is pushed out of the form.

If necessary, tap the outside of the formwork to ease placement and indicate the level that the concrete has reached in the formwork.

Owing to enhanced filling ability, self-consolidating concrete offers accelerated casting and superior quality control during construction.

However, its high fluidity and high placement rate increase the lateral pressure on the formwork, necessitating an extensive supporting system to retain fresh mixtures in a desired shape.

• Ensure that the parent concrete and formwork is in a Saturated Surface-Dry (SSD) condition, and that all excess water is removed from the formwork, prior to pumping MS-S6 SCC or MS-S10 SCC.

SELF-CONSOLIDATING CONCRETE • For the optimum balance between strength development and slump flow retention, concrete temperatures should be maintained between 10 ºC and 21 ºC (50 ºF and 70 ºF).

PUMPING SEQUENCE • Pumping should begin at the lowest point in the formwork and move toward the highest point in the formwork, to allow air to escape through the subsequent valves and air vents.

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