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Not only will you work hard protecting nature in the City, but you will also discover exciting careers in natural resources, develop job skills, and experience some of the most beautiful places in Oregon.There are five different types of jobs: Community Gardens, Tree Crew, Trail Crew, No Ivy League, and Teen Naturalist Team. GRUNT, and Youth Conservation Crew are invited to participate in on-going career guidance and work opportunities through our internships and apprenticeships in natural resource career fields. Looking for a way to complement your classroom learning topics?GRUNT participants get high school credit for completing the program.Volunteer for 10 Saturdays for hands-on science, nature adventures and job skills training!

Environmental Education [email protected] Kelly Rosteck, Coordinator for Environmental Education, Portland Parks & Recreation engages the next generation of environmental leaders through volunteer naturalist training, paid work programs, science-based field trips and stewardship.

They have a 24 hour crisis line that coordinates available domestic violence shelter space around the Portland Metro area.

They also have an advocate on staff who works specifically with youth.

Teen advocates are on staff during the day and evening to meet with teens 1:1 or connect them to weekly teen support groups.

Portland Women’s Crisis Line, or PWCL, helps people of all genders experiencing dating abuse or sexual assault.

The Sexual Assault Resource Center, or SARC, runs a 24-hours crisis line for teen and adult survivors of sexual assault or abuse.

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