Pat mcgroin dating psychos

This all started when I googled my own name in 2009 and to my horror I was linked in to one of my old friend's idiot of an ex-boyfriend who had a rant going on her.

He was using Dating Psycho website to carry on an endless tirade which sucked people not even in the family into it's black hole.

Indeed, some gay sites are questioning the motives or bona fides of the company.

The ad above is called “Playing for the Same Team” and depicts two male football fans making out.

) encourages people to post horrible things about their ex's and paint them as a psycho..!!

When the victim who has been profiled on that site contacts the site owner he suggests a donation of 0 to remove the profile and then never does.

There is one site called dating psychos that is ruining people's lives.

The domain owner Gene Onweller (google it..will change!

The network sent the company a fairly vague letter, telling them ““CBS Standards and Practices has reviewed your proposed Super Bowl ad and concluded that the creative is not within the Network’s Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday.” It is not clear what “the creative” references but one can guess.One thing any “real” victim must understand is how they the victim need to take their own personal responsibility in that relationship, again albeit a personal or business relationship.This is how one goes from becoming a victim to a survivor.That is illegal to take money from someone without giving service..This clown uses more than one alias another is Pat Mc Groin....sounds innocent right.... This man has several screws missing in necessary places. This is teaching them it is alright to be a bully but don't get caught at it.And for those responsible for it I personally thank you.

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