Pace programmed aerobic anaerobic accommodating circuit exercise

The Curves International franchise, based in Waco, Texas, boasts 5,000 locations worldwide, all focusing on the 30-minute, utilitarian concept.

Gary Heavin, Curves founder and CEO, says their uncomplicated fitness plan appeals to the large population segment that doesn’t currently belong to a health club.

Participants spend approximately 30 seconds at a station before a live instructor cues them to move to the next one.

“The instructor plays a very important role in the success of a PACE program,” La Due says.

“It’s an affordable, comfortable, friendly and nonjudgmental environment,” says Heavin, who has a health and fitness background.

He knew 20 years ago there was a missing link and once it was addressed with a solid business approach, a door would open.

The decline in SBP was significant in thirteen hypertensive patients (-14 mm Hg) compared to non-hypertensive patients (- 5 mm Hg) .Side stepping agility (13%), trunk flexion (129%) and trunk extension (19%) were also significantly improved.There were significant decreases in percent of body fat (-8.3%), total cholesterol (-7.1%) and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (-9.7%) .“From my days working at coed clubs I recognized that strength training was being overlooked as a way to lose weight.The deconditioned market—women in particular—was neglected. Circuit training seemed like a perfect program to introduce.” Research supports Heavin’s original hunch.Lerch knew that by combining circuits with her natural enthusiasm for working with women at all fitness levels, she could make an impact in her community and cater specifically to those who complained about time.

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