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To the astonishment of all parties, IBM emerged as a friend of the hacker community This lexicon includes a number of entries attributed to `IBM'; these derive from some rampantly unofficial jargon lists circulated within IBM's own beleaguered hacker underground.

From Jargon Dictionary MPPP bandwidth on demand daemon ibod is a ISDN MPPP bandwidth on demand daemon designed to operate in conjunction with isdn4linux.

This dictionary is being developed in a structured way.

Verbs are treated apart by a specific software, a verb conjugator (conjugue).

The program monitors inbound and outbound traffic on the ISDN interface.

When the required bandwidth exceeds the capacity for the current number of ISDN B-channels, more (slave) channels are connected according to the MPPP protocol.

From Binh commonly seen as a suffix to binary packages (such as RPM packages) to be installed on a Linux system.

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It simply means that the package was designed to be installed on 386 based machines, ie. It simply means that the package was designed to be installed on 486 based machines, ie. Packages for this class of machine will run on later x86 based systems but there is no guarantee that they will run on i386 class machines if there have been too many processor based optimisations implemented by the developer.For many years, before Microsoft, IBM was the company hackers loved to hate. In the 1980s IBM had its own troubles with Microsoft.In the late 1990s IBM re-invented itself as a services company, began to release open-source software through its Alpha Works group, and began shipping Linux systems and building ties to the Linux community.When the traffic decreases, the slave channel(s) are disconnected.From Debian 3.0r0 APT for the International Beacon Project Ibp shows which of the beacons of the International Beacon Project is transmitting now.The kernel sources must be installed to compile these modules. English to Spanish (and viceversa) translation dictionary.

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