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Almost all of these concepts are helpful to better your relations with people in general. My goal isn’t to change for the sake of being more attractive to women.My goal is to be happier, live a better life and be the most of that I can be.These ideas are made to fit my own life and might not fit with yours.My main goal isn’t actually to get a girl, but to be the happiest and live the most effortless life possible.I don’t proclaim to be a master or anything like that.This post simply attempts to fit dating into a Zen and Buddhist lifestyle paradigm and give over some lessons I’ve learned over time. I wrote it so that I don’t forget the lessons I’ve learned. You should always only apply what does resonate with you.

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Game did help some people that I know for short periods of time, but you’re better off without it.You memorize lines, try to have a certain attitude (macho, cool, tough, alpha, serious), etc…I love the guys who think they need to be aloof, act tough, be cool, wear ridiculous articles of clothing (‘Peacock’), say a good line or whip out some trick to attract women.I’m not even sure these tips will help you attract a girl.But from my perspective, it will help me attract the girl.Welcome to Live Date Search, a popular and reliable free online dating site with many options for international Buddhist dating no matter where you live, Asia, UK, USA or the rest of the world.

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