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But the other ladies persisted, and Marlo agreed to “style” Sheree for the photos, so she relented.

Let’s just say Marlo didn’t do her girl any favors.

Theorem to the situation: [Off-season reality star records music kissing girls = publicity! Finally, after denying it for weeks, Zolciak has confirmed that she is, in fact, in a relationship with Tracy Young, the DJ who mixed “Tardy.”On a Bravo Watch What Happens Live segment earlier this month, Andy Cohen told Zolciak that he’d “heard [she’d] been swimming around in lady ponds,” which rightfully confused her, because what? So he pressed on and asked her if she was “opening [herself] up to ladies.”Zolciak told Cohen that she’d never been with a woman, and that the rumors were just fun and games.

He went from “Are you dating or have you ever dated Kim Zolciak? ” to “Why didn’t you address the rumors on your Twitter or Facebook as soon as the story broke on March 1?

Eva began by saying that they’d “gotten off on the wrong foot” and that she hadn’t appreciated the shady way Shamea had brought up internet rumors about her dating rapper, Missy Elliot, and called it “whack, tired, and childish”. I know what you’re thinking: confronting a problem head-on, in a mature and gracious way, without yelling, or physical altercations, or years of passive aggressive backstabbing?! If so, Cynthia will certainly get the benefits, because she then “baptized” herself in it, and although, as Kandi aptly (and hilariously) observed, “it was more like a “ho bath”, it really was a lovely way to end the trip. The ladies are heading home to handle some unfinished business.

Surprisingly, the issue of Sheree was quickly forgotten, and aside from the shade they constantly threw behind each other’s backs, the two actually got along pretty well when they were face to face.

In the interest of continuing the good will, no matter how fake, Cynthia announced that their last day in Barcelona would be one of “love and light”, and that she would be getting “baptized” in the ocean.

The ladies were a bit skeptical at first, but agreed that they could all use some positivity, so off they went to the beach.

The “ceremony” began with each of the ladies getting a candle with a cast mate’s name on it, and being asked to say something positive about that person.

I just think it’s too much for me — a woman doesn’t define me, nor does a man.

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