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Prior to the 1960s, it was very common for light-skinned black characters to be portrayed by white actors (especially when paired romantically or sexually with a white character), so where applicable, you’ll find information on that in the notes column as well.

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Before long, he falls in love with an art student who’s racially mixed black and white. Now, he has to face her husband, a black radical, take responsibility for the child, and try to save his relationship with the woman he truly loves.

After he tries to intervene, tragedy follows, one that threatens to tear Tony and Maria apart. “West Side Story” won 10 Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

More » Whereas “Island in the Sun” used melodrama to explore the topic of interracial romance, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” functioned as an intellectual exercise of sorts about the topic.

For a list of movies featuring white women with black men, click here.

“Prostitution was illegal in Kenya and was culturally a taboo.

But what was a young orphaned girl with little education to do when she had to fend for three of her younger siblings?

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