Infragistics webdatagrid rowupdating


Anyway I made it a success in end with the help of few samples from Infragistics developer notes and forums.Here I will provide few samples regarding client side and server side behavioral implementation of the same.Otherwise duplicate columns will get added in the div.ID=”Web Data Grid1″ runat=”server” Auto Generate Columns=”False” Height=”370px” Width=”935px” Style Set Path=”~/Styles/” Style Set Name=”Trendy” Default Column Width=”130px” On Row Adding=”Web Data Grid1_Row Adding” On Row Updating=”Web Data Grid1_Row Updating” On Rows Deleting=”Web Data Grid1_Row Deleting” In simple words, webdatagrid is a tool with lot of functionalities grouped together.Then you can call commit on that to have it go back. Remember to keep track the columns unchecked in a hidden field to kept the columns while we navigate to next page (in case when grid paging is enabled) or when we change data source dynamically as shown in previous post.This behavior allows the developer to add new rows to the WDG and persist them later when they are posted to the server either via full or ajax (partial) postback.The setup looks like this: As you might have already noticed in Column Settings tag I’ve specified Editor providers for few of the columns.

In this article I will go through the steps required to get WDG involved in Manual Crud scenario.

Web Data Grid provides properties and methods to get or set an active cell: use the Active Cell property when on the server and use get or set accessors when on the client.

Set active cell to null to clear Web Data Grid of an active cell.

The Web Data Grid™ control’s cells support activation.

A cell is active when it is the current cell--the last to receive an action, such as a mouse click.

I'll gladly accept a different answer if a better one comes along. Current Selected Rows[0]; Data Row View data Item = (Data Row View)selected Row.

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