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That right there, my friends, is what you call a legend.

Nicholas has had one of the most impressive careers of any Skins alumni, starring in Hollywood blockbusters such as the X-Men series and Mad Max: Fury Road.

Joe played “pillhead” Chris, famously known for popping Viagra and having an affair with his teacher.

Since leaving Skins in 2008, he has appeared in Doctor Who, Merlin, and This Is England.

His last project was We Are The Freaks, a British comedy set in the aftermath of Margaret Thatcher’s resignation.

Mitch starred in Britannia High, but hasn’t starred in much since – except for Take That musical Never Forget in 2009.

Kaya, who played the oft sought-after Effy, is now 24, married, and expecting her first child.His most famous role, however, was as tough bastard Gendry in Game of Thrones. After two seasons of playing Tony’s long-suffering girlfriend, April returned to theatre in 2009.She’s dropped off since then, although she has appeared in Casualty and, ahem, a Wombats music video.He starred in BBC 2 “comedy” Miranda, and can now be seen playing D’Artagnan in The Musketeers. Since leaving, he has most notably appeared as Enrique in Anuvahood.No longer a virgin or stealing his friend’s coffin, Mike has been relatively off the radar since leaving Skins.The 22-year-old was nominated for Best Actress at the TV Choice Awards in 2012 for her role as feisty Mini Mcguinness.

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