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Is there a tutorial for brand new players that can guide from scratch what is needed step by step?I assume I download and install DCS 2.1 as a first step? do I have to have NTTR to have everything work correctly? If I have that AND I buy combined arms does that mean I can drive a Tiger tank? Any guidance for someone starting brand new from scratch would be greatly appreciated. I suggest you try the free to play first, found on this link: https:// There you will have two free aircraft, SU-25T and a TF-51.Hope this helps Frank Chubba from the book Palace Cobra.CPU=Intel Core I3 7320, Mo/Bo= ASRock B250 Gaming K4, Memory DDR42400 pc4-19200 16gb G.Owned modules: A-10C; Ka-50; P-51; FW-190D; UH-1; FC; FC2; FC3; L-39C/ZA; Mi G-15bis; F-86F Sabre; Bf 109 K-4; F-5E; Mi-8MTV2; M-2000C Owned betas: SA-342; NTTR; Mi G-21bis; C-101 Aviojet; Hawk T.1A; Spitfire IX; AJS 37; AV-8B Hardware: Hotas Warthog, Hotas Cougar, Slaw Rudder, Wheel Stand Pro, GVL224 Trio Throttle, Thrustmaster MFDs, Saitek Trim wheel, Trackir 5, Rift CV1But - Where to start?DCS seems to be very complex with many modules, terrains and such.

J8EQ_er BSsu6OA Warning, adult language but funny: https:// Training https://

Skill Ripjaws V, video card=EVGA GTX 1060 SC, 6gb gddr 5, Joystick=Thrustmaster T-flight Stick X, Track IR, Win10 64 Depending on the point of view, you've picked a wrong time to play DCS WWII, as the Normandy has just been released as alpha and the whole 2.1 thing is in rough shape. NTTR is not needed, it's just another theatre that runs on the same version.

Playable, but don't expect a polished product like the other sims. The installation of addons can be performed from the module manager in game.

With the beginning of Spring weather, the Easter holiday is in April this year.

There are many activities, both traditional and non-traditional, for the whole family to enjoy for the holiday.

About a quarter of a million will attend over two weekends in April 2018.

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