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Kershaw says it’s possible for a new dating site to be live in the space of an hour, with a mobile app taking around three hours.

This shift in dates was due to an Act of Parliament passed in 1750, known as Chesterfield’s Act, which put into motion a series of changes that fundamentally altered the way that many measured time.By the 9th Century, some countries began celebrating the first day of the New Year on March 25 to coincide with Annunciation Day (the church holiday nine months prior to Christmas celebrating the Angel Gabriel’s revelation to the Virgin Mary that she was to be the mother of the Messiah).[2] In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII introduced and recommended use of the Gregorian Calendar, which dropped ten days from October 1582 to correct issues regarding the dates of equinoxes and seasonal changes and re-established 1 January as the beginning of the calendar year.[3] However, several countries that rejected the authority of the Pope, including Britain, did not adopt the Gregorian Calendar, instead retaining the “Old Style” Julian Calendar.[4] This discrepancy in dating systems led to a unique situation familiar to many genealogists.Given the differences in how certain governing bodies and independent citizens represented the date, a system known as dual or double dating was frequently applied.[5] In this system, the year was written using two consecutive digits at the end, separated by a ‘/’ or ‘–‘ (for example, 1727/28), as a means of representing the current date utilizing both dating systems.Meanwhile, willowy 19-year-old actress Mia Farrow began dating a “real” senior – Frank Sinatra. That meant showering the house with streams of toilet paper. Maybe go to the Friday night Taft football game, and grab a pizza at Shakey’s. A popular activity among the in crowd was TPing someone’s home.Double raised £75,000 from Moonpig founder Nick Jenkins on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den TV show late last year and although current user numbers aren’t being shared, it’s certainly got its fair share of press in the past year from the likes of Mail Online and Marie Claire.

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