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My roommate was there as well as the guy from that night because he is a friend of my husband’s.

He grabbed my elbow and goes, “Bela, is that the girl you were obsessed with setting me up with at school? ” I said, “She’s always been that cute, you’re just single now!

The item who were only friends at the time visited Misericordia for a tour and to have some fun with the residents!

Needless to say hockey made its way into the event!

If you are looking for what’s good in that person—I’m not saying this person is going to be your husband or your soul mate—but when you walk in think, “I’m going to find what’s good about this person and I’m going to have fun,” then the dates start to become more fun. You get the third date, the fourth date, the guys don’t vaporize. One of the biggest problems that men complain about with women, especially with professionally successful women, is that they have taken on more of a masculine veneer and they want to talk about how successful they are at work and all of these great things they’ve done at work, they have their Blackberries on and they are talking about these big deals.It was first reported this two started their relationship back in early November last year.The Chicago Blackhawks captain star and the beautiful blond were spotted at a Rush concert and at the event Champs for charity in Chicago. It’s called Soul Mate and I didn’t choose that for any reason except my manicurist said I do the same color every two weeks and I needed a slight variation.My pulse was racing like, “I don’t know if I can change!By the time Memorial Day rolls around, Chicagoans are ready to go hard. Despite being a major city, Chicago is still part of the down-to-earth Midwest, which means you might have a better chance in Chicago of meeting your future spouse while playing bags on the sidewalk and drinking wine out of a red plastic Solo cup.

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