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Sears used to be one of my favorite tool stores, and I’m not just talking about Craftsman tools. A few years ago, new Craftsman hand tools came out, and they were made overseas.They used to have a great tool buyer, bringing a variety of otherwise hard to find brands to stores, online and brick & mortar. I tried to remain positive, that it was okay if some new tools were made overseas, as long as the core tools were continued to be made here. Craftsman discontinued their Craftsman Professional brand, and slowly but very obviously, they stopped making tools here.I don’t know what happened to them, but it was very noticeable when they left – the tool selection and brand variety stopped growing. Perhaps that contributed to the closure of Armstrong’s USA factory.I worked with lots of people at Sears and Craftsman.

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At Exton Square Mall in Chester County, construction continues on a Whole Foods which will replace a former Kmart.Three are in South Jersey: a Sears in Vineland, and Kmarts in Mantua, Gloucester County, and Manahawkin, Ocean County.Three Kmarts in western Pennsylvania – in Belle Vernon, Indiana, and Butler — also will close. She began her career at the Inquirer after internships at the Los Angeles Times and Boston Globe.She has covered general assignment news on the city desk, Statehouse politics in Trenton, and the casino industry on the Business desk.“The deterioration of both Sears and the department store industry is largely due to surging e-commerce spending and the failure to compete with off-price brick-and-mortar stores.” Liquidation sales start Thursday for the targeted Kmarts on the list of 66, while Sears liquidation sales will start Friday.

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