Dating old family photographs


Let’s look at an example photograph of my great grandfather’s family and see if we can figure out an approximate date it was taken.

According to the census record, the youngest child Marie was 2 years old and her older brother George was 3 in the year 1900.

It can be difficult to commit to memory these various photographic processes and when they were used.

I find it helpful to use a web site as a reference point.

We now live in a time where a vast many resources exist that can help us identify and date old photographs.

Please read on to discover how Jayne can help you, or your organisation.

Unfortunately, dating an old photograph can be a difficult task if there are few details to go on.

With a BA (Hons) degree in History, MA degree in the History of Dress (Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London) and seven years’ curatorial experience at the National Portrait Gallery, London, Jayne is a highly-qualified, academically-trained historian and portrait (artworks and photographs) specialist.

As an independent historical image consultant, using her in-depth knowledge of fashion history and over 30 years’ accumulated experience, Jayne has personally dated and interpreted hundreds of thousands of family photographs, oil and watercolour paintings, portrait miniatures, drawings and silhouettes.

They suggest that you look for certain details within the picture such as hairstyles, clothing, jewelry, shoes, cars, plants, furniture and others.

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