Dating material teen violence consilidating


Teens need to understand what a healthy relationship is and how to have one.

There are usually community programs to help with this, so seek those out as well.

First, if possible sit down with the abused party see if you can have a conversation.

They may be wary to speak on the issue, so remember: Due to social media, teens struggle with looking bad in front of others.

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You can test out of the first two years of college and save thousands off your degree.

But do not jump to conclusions, instead do research, talk to the teens, and determine if your theories are correct.

Then assist them, listen to them, and make sure to place value on how they feel, so they know you understand.

Our choices have power and the choice to transform our communities begins with you!

In recognition of 2018 National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, order the FREE campaign materials featuring the artwork of teen artist Tai Boutviseth on a series of eight posters featuring self-reflection questions, such as “How can we celebrate our differences?

Make sure that they know asking for help and going to the police does not diminish them in any way.

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