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Usually after a breakup, we tend to have some unresolved issues.

It could be that you now have a hard time trusting others because you were cheated on.

Make sure your environment is fresh and ready to start new.

If you clean up around you, it will create more space for a potential partner.

It’s normal to make sense of your partnership by drawing comparisons — that part is fine.

Or maybe that poster your girlfriend gave you that’s hanging up is brining you some major negative energy.It’s quite common for us to be weary of others and not fully open to trusting another.But, if you don’t open yourself up and trust a potential match, the relationship will go nowhere.When headed into the world of dating, it’s important to learn how to trust again.Most people feel slighted or hurt after a relationship ends.When you’re dating, be sure to keep the remarks about your ex to a minimum.

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