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And as long as the contest was held for Ethiopians, not for Habeshas, the Anyuaks have all the rights to participate in it.

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In fact, badmouthing dark skinned individuals is encouraged and supported by others in Habashas’ culture.These two groups led their lives and their history seperately.The Anyuaks had their own history in the Southwest dating back to 2,000 years.The Anyuaks had seven administration states- Adongo, Ciro, Nyikaani, Lul, Tier Naam, and Openo under one Nyeya (king) rule. They had rights to choose from the two Anyuaks’ political systems- Nyech (kingship) or Kwar (headman-ship).The fact of the matter is Anyuak country was never part of Ethiopia or Sudan before 1902.This treaty divided the Anyuak land in two, portioned it amongst the bordering countries Sudan and Ethiopia, without the consent of its leaders.

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