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Last week, two Duke players were indicted on charges of first-degree forcible rape, first-degree sexual offense and the kidnapping of one woman hired that night. FORT LAUDERDALE -- Former escort kingpin Arthur "Big Pimpin' Pappy" Vanmoor is known for his litigious nature.

In the past decade, he has been a plaintiff or defendant in 29 lawsuits in Broward County alone.

I pride myself in my rigorous Straight Male Escorts screening process to make sure I have the most interesting, polite, charming, emotionally mature and healthy male escorts for my clients.

I have a reputation for turning away up to 99% of my male applicants on average.

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He described escort services as fronts for prostitution rings.It started out as an idea and it has blossomed into one of Showtime’s most watched shows.Please take a moment to watch our recent press clips along with reading some of the articles of the agency.After a lecture from the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation, Sprint and Bell South Corp.announced Monday they would no longer sell yellow pages advertising to Orlando-area escort services.We have personally appeared on the Tyra Banks show, the Dr.

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