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I've arranged these pages by topic for easiest browsing.If a link does not work properly, please contact me so I can check on it.Beeton's Every-Day Cookery and Housekeeping Book--Online facsimile of this Victorian publication.Museum of London--Web site for this historical museum National Railway Museum--Virtual tour, historical facts and exhibit information for the United Kingdom's National Railway Museum Our Time Lines--Create a time line for your characters.The Most Dangerous Woman in America--A history of Typhoid Mary Museum of Funeral Customs-- The Overland Trail--A look at the trail, the route and the ride, with links to more sites Panoramic Maps 1847-1929--A division of the Library of Congress, this site has panoramic maps of major U. cities, with the ability to zoom in on any area of the map.Resources and Links on Women in American History--These links will help with research, curriculums, or putting together your own historical play, skit or reenactment ROOTS-L Resources: United States Resources--A Guide to U. Genealogy Smithsonian Institution Encyclopedia--Selected articles for all aspects of American cultural history.

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The Mother Goose Society--A history of "Mother Goose" and fun activities to celebrate the rhymes The National Portrait Gallery--Official web site of this British art museum Nineteenth Century Art Playbills from Edinburgh's Theatre Royal--A selection of playbills from the years 1800-1850 Poet Seers--Texts of Victorian Poems searchable index of American poets and their works, both past and present The Pre-Raphaelites Punch Magazine--A brief history of this British publication, with reproductions of its famous cartoons.

Because of my interest and expertise in Victorian Britain, most of these links are to Victorian sites.

There are a few others mixed in, whether they caught my eye, or were recommended by another writer.

The Discovery Channel--The online site for the acclaimed television channel The Domesday Book--Parital contents and a history of this famous printing Edible Flowers--We all grow them and place them in vases, but how many of us eat them?

Here's a guide on which ones you can eat and which ones to avoid Eighteenth Century Resources Equine Info--Your gateway to horses and everything horse-related Find a Grave--Discover where the world's most infamous people are buried, as well as the common folk The Food Timeline--The beginnings of foods, links to more more detailed histories, and recipes The International Museum of the Horse--Information on 85 breeds and extensive links Inventors and Inventions--Brief articles on inventions and inventors from 1851-1900 i Tools--Quick access to the best Internet tools Languages of the World--Learn the history and linguistics of language families throughout the world Legends--A collection of myths, magic and legends, including Robin Hood, swashbucklers, fairy tales and more Library of Congress--On-line catalog of the Library of Congress and reproductions of many historic documents Lombard Street: A Description of the Money Market--A classic analysis of the British banking system which was the basis for reform for many other European banking systems Meaning S of Life--Using Philosophy in everyday life Mega Converter 2--Convert anything mathematical from area to kitchen measurements at the touch of a button Mrs.

James River Plantations--History and photographs of plantations along the James River, from the National Registry.

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