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I still wonder how that timid little Asian boy could have ever grown into the man I am which he plays a super-spy living a double-life as a computer salesman. I didn’t own any weights and I knew nothing about bodybuilding. Every night for the next month I practiced the only workout routine I knew.But to my dismay I learned that a good body by itself brought none of these things.If anything they heightened my feelings of insecurity because now I was out of excuses for why I didn’t have the life I wanted.In those months I voraciously read self-development books by Napoleon Hill, Anthony Robbins, Jack Canfield, and Robin Sharma. We are never truly alive until we push at the edges of our self imposed limits. I for one would rather die young in the pursuit of my dreams than die old, comfortable, and unfulfilled.As I learned from these masters who had mastered themselves a new vision crystallized. I can say with complete honesty that today I am happy. I still have many goals to accomplish but I no longer look to future events for fulfillment. I am secure in the knowledge that no matter what happens in life this harmony of mind, body, and spirit can be maintained. Will you choose the safe path of a slow death, or risk it all for your heart’s desire?

Robert Jordan and Terry Goodkind were my constant companions through school.Even now I can remember the feeling of despondency as I lay in bed. Therefore, life had no meaning, and I had no purpose.If I was a melodramatic person I would say that I felt like a stranger in a strange land.When other students socialized I would be absorbed in a fantasy world of trollocs and myrddraal.Apparently teenage girls aren’t into that kind of stuff.Looking back now I don’t know whether they really wanted to see me flex or were just poking fun at my pathetic 10 inch arms. I had gotten a taste of the attention that muscles could bring and nothing was going to stop me.

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