Dating an anxious man


Put simply, we make our own misery by choosing relationship partners and then trying to change something fundamental in their natures.

The observation is put most simply: Men either marry Madonna's and want to turn them into whores, or they marry whores and want to turn them into Madonnas.

Took all of my money, isolated me, spread lies about me.

His mother was a borderline and he treated me like the way he hated her.

She’s the one that will assume you got in a car accident, you’re cheating on her, or you could leave her at any time.

For your own sake, tell her how it is, and don’t leave her guessing. If you are there for her when she needs you, there's not a doubt in my mind that she will be head over heels for you. There are a lot of thoughts going through her head. There are times where she won’t want to do something because she feels uncomfortable. If you really value how she feels, your compliments will make her feel beautiful and she will stop stressing on how she looks. A girl like her is one to keep around because even though she worries way TOO much, she wants the best for you and her.

The avoidant attachment style is characterized by an inability to form long-term committed relationships and is grounded in fear of intimacy, rejection and abandonment that arose in early childhood (or in some cases later in life).

The Madonna-whore complex was first discussed by Sigmund Freud.

Women tend to demonstrate this behavior in a relationship with equal frequency, but in other ways.I got stuck with a man like this - I have an anxious attachment style.I grew up in an abusive home and his attitude and manipulation left me mentally destroyed.This revenge will consist in seeking out women he can have sex with and throw away afterward.He will treat these women either explicitly or implicitly as dirty and slutty.So if the avoidant man finally finds someone who both resembles his mother and can fulfill his emotional needs in a way his mother could not, his fear of incest kicks in, and he rejects the partner or gets involved with her only at a Platonic level. The avoidant person with a Madonna-whore complex can love her on some level that resembles that of parent and child but because of his fear of incest he cannot have sex with her and will consequently exhibit a kind of primal fear if he does.

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