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While you want the conversation to continue throughout the date, make sure NOT to bring up anything negative, such as information about past relationships.

You also want to avoid controversial subjects like politics and religion—save those things for when you know each other better.

Again, it should be something you are both comfortable with.Just end the night with a sexy liplock—and know that it will leave him dying to see you again for date number three.As a woman, once a second date is offered to you that is a clear indication that the other person is interested. While a second date offer is a positive step, there is no way to know if your date is calling you because he's still trying to feel you out, or for other ulterior motives.I suggest something where you can have some fun and maybe even flirt a little bit: like mini-golf or a picnic.One of the key focuses in my first blog on dating advice for men was to be chivalrous.When you first see her for the second date, go ahead and say, “It’s great to see you again.” This shows you’re interested in her and would like to get to know her better.

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