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because of “wakefulness.” He said he enjoyed Chat Roulette because it was fun to meet people and it helped him work on his English.

We spent the next two hours talking about different places in the world we’d like to visit, the weather and Lady Gaga.

,” and disconnected when I wrote, “You seem angry.” I’ve also seen three times as many groups of giggling adolescent girls — let’s face it, as a slumber party game, “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board” has nothing on Chat Roulette.

“Chat Roulette is also a veritable cornucopia of imagery of gloomy attic bedrooms, hopelessly cluttered dorm rooms, gigantic collectible displays, and bad pajamas,” my awesome and anonymous chat partner wrote. The proportion of utter morons to insightful people is, sadly, similar.” My awesome chat partner said he’d logged around 18 hours on Chat Roulette, and in my comparatively short time, I agree with his assessment.

Charlie, my rescue pug, received of “awes” and “LOLs” with his bug-eyed, mouth-gaping expression of befuddlement. “Stop exporting your dog,” wrote another chat partner who demanded I show myself. If my partner meant “exploiting,” I suppose he or she was technically correct. And while I don’t really know the majority of these people, at least I know they want to be in the vicinity of my cyberspace. As a “mainstream media” columnist, I’m also the subject of of hateful hilarity written on blogs and whatnot.I also saw a lot of ads for Web sites where live nude girls were guaranteed.No doubt that’s what a good portion of young boys using the site are hoping to see for free on Chat Roulette.“It’s not really in the female nature,” I responded.And in the six to seven hours I’ve logged on Chat Roulette, I haven’t seen any live ladies exposing themselves — just some ads featuring naked ladies available on other Web sites.What’s more, image after poorly-lit image of people, eyes glassy and jaws slack, can be more depressing than all the dude junk you have to wade through to find them. Some who’ve used the site compare it to the early days of the Internet where you jump in and anything can happen.

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