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The developed diagnostic method set can be used by teachers of mathematics in secondary schools to assess levels of pupils’ meta-subject competence, which helps to draw further plans for individual meta-subject competence development in the system of mathematical education. The findings of this study show that there is a connection between psychological trauma and computer game addiction. Psychological aspects of the negative influence of computer games based on the identity of the person.

Some psychologists note that the main cause of any type of addiction derives from psychological trauma, and that finding such underlying causes can help understand the particular need to gamble.

Development of leadership behaviors in undergraduate nursing students: A service-learning approach.

The Pedagogical Support of the Personal Development of Pupils in Secondary Schools.

The comparison of the results of the experimental and control groups before and after the formative work shows the positive influence of applied methodological means. The Federal Law of the Russian Federation dated December 29, 2012, N 273-FL «On Education in the Russian Federation». Direct access: Tuysuz, M., Bektas, O., Geban, O., Ozturk, G. It also reveals the features that are related to characterization of the subject area of these projects: a focus on long-term results of the projects; a high degree of uncertainty of their parameters; the specifics of both the subjects and objects of management, and management processes; with a focus on environmental requirements, etc. Project management: the basics of professional knowledge, national requirements for professionals’ competence. The article can be useful in the practical terms for teachers of the professional educational organizations and the industrial practice centers of the enterprises at training of the specialists; for training centers and retraining of the personnel at selection and structuring content of the professional training of the specialists. Nizhny Novgorod: Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical University, 26 p. This change means that an individual is the most significant value in the modern process of teaching. The aim of this article is working out functional-structural model of forming communicative competence of a future teacher under the condition of transforming pedagogical education. Image visualization abilities development needs special conditions encouraging personal creativity. The phenomenon of "virtualization" of legal consciousness of adolescents and young adults as a consequence of the subjective addiction to gambling video games. The purpose of the article is to develop and test a method of pupils’ meta-subject competence diagnostics in secondary schools during mathematics lessons. This method was the basis for further methodic set development and the pedagogical experiment, which allowed to use the approved methods. Fariza Oskenbay, Aliya Tolegenova, Elmira Kalymbetova, Man Cheung Chung, Aida Faizullina, Maksat Jakupov pp. During the research we created a complex set of methods for pupils’ meta-subject competence diagnostics in secondary schools during mathematics lessons, which allowed to assess levels of pupils’ meta-subject knowledge and skills, to identify problematic aspects of their meta-subject competence, to define advantages of the method set and to develop recommendations for its further use. 2343-2353 | DOI: 10.12973/ijese.2016.800a | Article Number: ijese.2016.196 Published Online: June 22, 2016 Article Views: 470 | Article Download: 519 This study explores psychological trauma as a reason for computer game addiction among adolescents. The relevance of the present issue is caused by a strong need to conduct monitoring processes in all types of teaching processes and a poor development of theoretical, content and technological, scientific and methodological material for teachers’ monitoring skills development during their teaching practice. 2467-2479 | DOI: 10.12973/ijese.2016.700a | Article Number: ijese.2016.197 Published Online: June 23, 2016 Article Views: 449 | Article Download: 486 This study addresses a problem that is currently relevant for the modern society – the development of leadership. Design and implementation of mobile learning tools and resources in the modern educational environment of university. The work is based on the methods of theoretical and empirical investigations. Object of the article is to work out and prove theoretically the subjective-developing support system of professional self-determination among teacher-training university students in the condition of additional education program implementation.

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