Andy dating in the dark validating a prognostic model


“I never liked it much, and I never had many friends,” he recalls.He took up water skiing, motocross racing and equestrian jumping, and “won most of the time.” He also sang in local night spots before the family moved to Britain’s Isle of Man, where he formed his first band, and then went back to Australia. “I thought I was too young,” he admits, “but I wasn’t going to turn it down.” His first release, I Just Want to Be Your Everything, topped the charts, and “everything took off at once.” His dream of becoming a fourth Bee Gee subsided. in January—the only time Andy has seen his daughter, Peta, 2—and he says, “It went real well.” Andy wants to get married again, but doesn’t “date as much as I’d like to.” He’s “only friends” now with Susan George and Marie Osmond.

He chats incessantly about compass calibrations, autopilots and radar, and carries two semiautomatic machine guns, a .357 magnum and a riot gun, to protect the three-stateroom, three-head cruiser from modern-day Caribbean pirates.He has also long since given up going out in public alone.During a “Big Mac attack,” Andy tried a Mc Donald’s in Manhattan but, once recognized, had to flee on foot. After tripping on an obstacle course during a CBS Celebrity Challenge of the Sexes taping near L.Though his boyish grin projects almost as much wattage as all seven Osmond siblings, the difference is Andy’s onstage sexuality. Even he admits that his painted-on pants are “verging on obscene. But if I’m suggestive,” he continues, “it’s in a nice way.Luckily, no one’s ever been hurt—a few girls have passed out, that’s all.” Included with the After Dark LP is a fan club membership and lottery-type chance to win “one of Andy’s personally worn T-shirts.” He doesn’t resent the shrieking fans and says, realistically, “I’ll worry when they stop.” As for the isolation, he says, “The guys who work for me are also my best mates.” When he left on a cruise of the Bahamas this month aboard his 58-foot Hatteras, Shadow Dancer (named for his second LP), he took along his personal assistant Scott Sands and bodyguard-size aide Mark Hulett.His parents have purchased a 0,000 home in the San Fernando Valley, perhaps heralding another Gibb family uprooting, so his sister Berry, 15, can take up acting.

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