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It’s time to address a sensitive topic I’ve been mulling over since first setting foot in France. The boys were friendly, extroverted and spoke animatedly.Issues of racial integration tend to raise hackles here in the Hexagon, so I’ll admit it: the title of this post is misleading. They both attended a prestigious school, made references to plentiful friends, and engaged in extra-curricular activities.The French think nothing of asking you out at the last minute, usually by texting.When a Frenchman does give advance notice, you can plan on him arriving late.Intimacy has no dating timetable in France, either.Going to bed with your partner any time after that first kiss does not label you "easy." That kiss that indicated you gave up others to be with your French partner doesn't mean forever.Her domestic and international experience includes human resources, advertising, marketing, product and retail management positions.She holds a master's degree in international business administration from the University of South Carolina.

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Couples in France do not interview each other like Americans.

The French often meet their significant other through their social circle at group get-togethers rather than “date" people they hardly know.

The way the French respond to another's interest in them, their accepted behavior during courtship and how their relationships progress can baffle an American seeking love in France.

Her "no" could actually means "convince me" or "maybe." Should he not text and call her in pursuit, she knows he has changed his mind.

He will, however, call and text you regularly after he considers you his partner.

I struggled to put my finger on it, when it suddenly hit me.

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