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Yeah, you can enjoy all the features that you do in the Yahoo Messenger software or app.

The service is recommended for those having low internet connection with them.

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The program features support for over twenty languages, including English, French, Chinese, Arabic, German, Greek, Finnish, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and many others, allowing you to select the source and target languages from two distinct menus.Subsequent to the installation process, you will need to run the application using your administrator privileges, otherwise it is unable to launch properly.In addition, in order for Chat Translator for Yahoo Messenger to appear in the main interface of Yahoo!For those who are not familiar with the Yahoo Messenger, it is instant messaging software that is available for all major OSes and mobiles as well.The messenger lets you do text, audio and video chat with your friends. Now you can't have chat with public openly or any stranger privately.Yahoo Messenger is best known for its video chatting and Chat Rooms feature. Anyways, still many people use Yahoo Messenger to stay connected with their loving beings.

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