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Our counselors will also make recommendations to get your child back on track financially. As parents, your financial stability is just as important as your child’s.

And you have less time to make up for any financial hits to your savings or retirement accounts when you put your child’s needs before your own.

The online version of our counseling allows you to enter in all of your information online and a certified counselor will get back to you with an action plan in 2-3 business days. Our own Program Director, Darryl Dahlheimer, was interviewed!

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Spam can be not only annoying but also dangerous to consumers.

Or, parents may be giving money toan adult child that lives on his/her own.

Often what I see is parents either borrowing money to supplement their child’s income, or diverting money earmarked for their own emergencies or retirement to help out.

If you give money to your adult children, you have lots of company: The National Endowment for Financial Education completed a study a couple years ago that showed more than half the parents surveyed (59%) financially helped out their adult children who were not in college.

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