Accommodating the medical use of marijuana

Some strains are clearly familiar and readily available, while others are a bit more obscure and harder to find.Each strain we chose, however, is either a proven gardener's choice or shows up so frequently in collectives that it is helpful to understand their common qualities & medical benefits.Genetics: Original OG Kush x (West Coast Dawg x Old World Kush) Gardener Profile(s): Private, Professional Flower Time: 9-10 weeks Yield: Below Average - Average Potency/Benefits: Very High/ Pain relief, sleep aid, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia Skill Level: Intermediate Notes: The HIGHLY coveted Bubba Kushstrain is an OG Kush offspring demanding a category of its own.Taking the original chemdawg cut and cross-selecting it back through several indica dominant strains and then back to the original OG kush, Bubba Kush brings with it all the power of original OG in a completely indica dominant growth structure.She has been known to finish in 50 days, making her a leading choice for parent stock for breeders.Cinderella seems to find her way into improving almost every strain she is crossed with such as the Cinex used in this photo.Genetics: Indiana Bubblegum, Unknown hybrid (Indica Dominant) Gardener Profile(s): Private, Professional, Commercial Flower Time: 8 weeks Yield: Heavy-Very Heavy Potency/Benefits: medium high to high and LONG lasting/ excellent pain reliever Skill Level: beginner Notes: The sweetest smells of Bazooka Joe and cotton candy waft from this medicine.

She can be very tolerant to nutrient levels but often prefers lower p H especially during veg.But, the potency and terpene profile are appreciated by many a connoisseur.Grow Tips: She can be a very slow starter, often needing upwards of 60 days in veg to maximize yield potential.Genetics: Unknown speculated to be of Kush, Hash Plant or Nepali x Thai decent(Indica Dominant) Gardener Profile(s): Private, Professional Flower Time: 9 weeks Yield: Below Average-Average Potency/Benefits: Very High Skill Level: Intermediate Notes: The legendary strain that started all the kush and diesel crazy.Indica dominant in its growing structure, Chem Dawg produces frosty kolas from its short, squat structure carrying with them some of the most powerful smells in the Cannabis family.Proper airflow helps prevent against fungus and mold which she can be particularly susceptible to especially when her foliage gets denser.

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